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Oct 03

The Camper’s Delight: Wax Fire Starters

I am a big fan of camping, at least until I get out to it.  Usually, my biggest gripe with camping is trying to get a campfire lit to take the chill out of the morning.  Everyone is huddled around a dead campfire, teeth chattering, waiting for something to happen so they can warm up …

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Jul 03

Beautiful Wax Sculptures Made Easy

There is something infinitely beautiful about a well shaped candle.  People will pay top dollar for this works of art and I have often found that many people will avoid using them since they are so exquisite. If you do use the sculpted candle, you are left with a melted mess, trying to figure out …

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Jan 09

Setting the Mood with Wax

Okay, right now you are probably thinking about something other than candles.  Perhaps you are thinking of wax figures filling a room to set the mood but if that is what you have in mind I have to ask, are you setting up a Halloween mood? All joking aside, candles, which is the wax I …

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