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The Meaning of Candles

Aromatherapy CandlesThroughout time, candles have also held some symbolic meaning.  There are candles for christenings, candles for holidays whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion and there are candles that reflect a deeper meaning, whether it is a meaning of celebration or a meaning of love.

The colors of individual candles have different meanings as well and many people, although not knowledgeable about the different colors, are at the very least, interested in the meanings.

So before you light a candle, read this article to learn the many meanings of the colors.

The Colors of Candles:

White: More than likely, you understand what white means.  It is after all linked eternally with purity, innocence and enlightenment.  It is a cleansing color that is believed to cleanse both the mind and the spirit and heal any emotions that are in turmoil.

Black: There has always been something about black candles that bring up thoughts of discord and evil.  Most people would shy away from black candles since they have been given such a negative image, especially at the hands of Hollywood.  This is actually furthest from the true meaning of a black candle and in fact, black candles are supposed to be the color you burn when you are trying to destroy negative forces and energy.  They are also believed to be the appropriate color to use for healing when you are battling a serious illness.

Red:  It doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out the meaning of red candles.  They have been linked with love, passion and sex for countless decades.  Red candles encompass all of those things and more since the color can also mean health and vitality, fertility and strength, courage and willpower and it can also mean the darker emotions such as lust.

Purple: Purple is actually my favorite color of candle and it problem has to do with the colors link to wisdom and knowledge.  It is a color that speaks of spirituality and divination as well as success and power.

Gold: Gold seems to be a popular color during Christmas season and it is fitting in many ways since gold is a color of divination and delightfully enough playfulness.  It is also a color that brings to mind success and wealth.

Green: Like Gold, green is also associated with success, and wealth but it is also associated with health throughout a person’s life; health in marriage, employment, success, physical growth and also fertility.  It is the color that reflects a bountiful harvest.

Blue: Blue is a tranquil color that is filled with harmony, contentment and a sense of peace.  It is the color to use if you are trying to lose weight or if you are simply trying to find your center.  An excellent color of candle for meditation, it is believed to bring inspiration and happiness.

Silver:  We can’t forget about silver if we have already looked at a metallic candle.  This is another color that is very popular during Christmas but it is actually a color that is known for its neutrality.  It is another great choice for meditation and reflection.

Yellow:  And what about yellow?  It is the sunshiny color that brings with it a sense of happiness.  It is also believed to reflect intelligence and wisdom and it is an excellent color to choose if you are busy in academic pursuits, whether they are studious or creative in nature.  It is a color of change and energy and will definitely keep you busy.

And there are the meanings of a few of the more popular colors of candles.  For every color there is a meaning and each color harmonizes another so play around for your own desired effect.

Feb 09

Soy Candles: Why They Are The ‘It’ Candle

Handmade Soy Candle

Handmade Soy Candle

Candles have forever been a great gift idea and why not—they seem to be the ideal choice for any occasion. If you’re looking for something a little different in the way of candles though, you may want to consider the latest in candle innovation: soy candles.

Soy candles are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons with the biggest one being thanks to all the attention to ‘going green’ and being more conscious of the environment. By opting to burn soybean candles as opposed to those made of paraffin; you are doing your part for not only the environment but also for the health and well being of yourself and those around you—the best reason to choose soy candles. What makes them so great you ask; other than the fact that they are good for the environment and just downright decadent as far as candles go? Several things:

  • They are all natural which means that when you burn them, you avoid filling the air with unnecessary and potentially harmful toxins like petroleum which is found in paraffin and also C02 which is something that our atmosphere can do without more of!
  • They produce a lot less soot than other candles—a whole 90 percent less to be exact! When you burn any other type of candle, over time you end up with a layer of soot on walls, fabrics and furniture that you may not even see. Breathing this in is unhealthy and can further aggravate conditions like allergies and asthma.
  • They burn longer which saves you money. It has actually been found that a soy candle burns 50 percent longer than any other kind, so you get way more bang for your buck! This is another plus should you be giving soy candles as gifts because your gift will last longer; lighting up the life of the person lucky enough to receive it.
  • They distribute scent better because the naturally present soybean oil has a lower melting point. This causes the pool of wax that builds around the wick to be larger than it would in a regular candle and it is in these pools that the essential oils or fragrance evaporate and distribute the scent, therefore creating a stronger aroma for you to enjoy.
  • Since we are on the topic of scent; scented soy candles come in a variety of aromatherapy essences which have multiple health benefits. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to treat all types of ailments, from stress to respiratory problems to headaches. Finding out what each essential oil is good for is easily achieved with an online search of ‘aromatherapy’ or ‘essential oils’ or even a trip to your local health store.

There is no doubt that soy candles are a great choice for yourself or your loved ones thanks to the endless list of benefits that they offer in comparison to the other types available. On a slightly more superficial note; soy candles come in the same array of pretty colors and styles that other candles do!

I know what you were probably thinking after reading words like ‘soybean’ and ‘natural’; you envisioned basic, colorless wax with zero personality. Am I right? Well, the truth is that you can find them in rich colors, bright colors—all colors for that matter so you can match any taste and compliment any décor. You can also get them in varying sizes, shapes and styles, such as soy pillar candles, soy jar candles, soy tapered candles, soy tea lights, soy votives and more.

There isn’t a healthier, prettier or ‘greener’ choice when it comes to candles than those made from soy. With all of those amazing benefits, how could you go back to paraffin or any other kind for that matter?!


Feb 09

Soy Candles

Watermelon Soy CandlePeople choose soy candles for many good reasons.  When looking at making candles you will find that soy candles are earth friendly and a renewable resource. What better reasons than these to make this type of candles?  All candles produce some soot but soy candles tend to produce less than most. Soy candles are also known to last longer than most conventional candles.  Soy candle wax is produced in the United States.

Equipment and supplies for making soy candles.

The type of equipment and supplies you will need to make your soy candles depend on what style you want.  You can make pillar type candles, tarts for burners, or container candles.  Container candles are the easiest to make and is the one that will be covered here.  The nice thing about using soy wax is that it cleans up well with soap and water.  You will need a microwave safe container, preferably a microwave safe glass measuring cup to hold and melt your wax, wicks, and a clean container to put your candle in.  There are fragrances and dyes specifically for soy wax candles. If you desire these then have them available when creating your candle. A word of caution here, be sure to buy high quality oils that are strong and are specifically for soy candles!  You will also need a wooden spoon, potholders and a clean dry container to put your candle into.  Soy wax comes in soft block or in flakes.  The best way to purchase this type of wax is in flakes.  This allows you to measure the amount of wax needed for different projects.

You are ready and everything is together.

Now you are ready to go.  You have everything together, but how do you know how much wax you will need to melt?  By using the microwave safe measuring cup, and by knowing the amount of liquid your container holds you will know the amount of soy wax that you need to melt.  If it is a 14 oz. container then you will need approximately 13 oz of melted wax. Melt the wax in the microwave.  Start with a few minutes and continue to check until all the soy wax is melted.  During the melting process, if you see you are going to need more wax then add it to what is already melting.  Be sure that all the wax is melted.  While the wax is melting take the wick and place the metal portion into the bottom of your container with just a bit of hot glue.  This will adhere quickly so you can use a pencil to keep the wick centered by wrapping a small portion of the wick around the pencil.  Secure the pencil to the container.  Once the right amount of wax is melted add the dye and stir to mix well. You may then add your fragrance according to the manufactures suggestions. Once all is mixed pour slowly into your container.  Be sure that the wick stays to the center for an even burning candle.

You have just created your first earth friendly and beautiful soy candle.  You are ready to make some as gifts so that others may enjoy these wonderful candles. Don’t forget to add a little note about clean up for the container after the candle has been used and about how soy candles are earth friendly.


Feb 09

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle those old Candles

Handmade Berry Soy Candles

Handmade Berry Soy Candles

Have you ever wondered what to do with those old candles that you have finished using?  The wick is done, but you still have almost half a candle left. The wax is almost completely demolished with black streaks and beads of hardened drips.  You can’t really keep them and drop a tealight into the center since they are rather ugly looking and it appears that the only use from them is the garbage can. It seems like a shame to toss them but what else can you really do with old candles.

Well, if you are really interested in the whole eco-friendly movement and going green, the answer is simple; reduce, reuse and recycle those old candles.

If you aren’t sure exactly how to do this, just look around at various craft stores or online candle sights and you will find a million and one uses for your old candles, including making new ones.  It actually takes very little time and effort to recycle those old candles and you can create some truly delightful candles.

Before you start creating new candles, you will need to have a few things handy.  These include:

  • Molds – You can use just about anything from candle molds to glass jars.  The nicest candles that I have ever seen came out of beer cans that ridged in shape.
  • Old candles – Use any color of candle but remember that some colors will combine creating a muddied look.
  • Candle Wicks – You can buy candle wicks at any craft store.  All you will need to do is trim them down.
  • Double Boiler – The best tool to use is a double boiler but if you don’t have one handy, a metal bowl inside a pot that contains several inches of water will also work.  Just make sure there is a wide base to prevent spills.

And that is just about everything that you need.  If you are melting down a few candles that are white, use some colored dyes to create new looks or add some essential oils to create scented candles.

Now that you have all the tools that you will need, it’s time to start making candles.

First, you will want to melt the wax in a double boiler over a medium –low heat on the stove.  It is better for the wax to melt slowly to prevent fires.  Stir the wax with a wooden spoon and remove from heat as soon as the wax is completely melted.

Next, you will need to pour the wax into the mold that you have at ready.  Remember that you can use just about anything for a mold so get creative.  If you would like to make some jarred candles, simply pour it into the glass.  If you spill along the sides, immerse the glass into a bowl of hot water after the wax sets to remove it.

To create a wick for your new candle, take the strip of candle wicks and cut it down to reflect the size of your candle mold.  Make sure to leave about 2 to 4 inches of wick, which you will need to tie to a pencil.  Place the wick in the center of the melted candle wax and rest the pencil across the top of the mold so the wick doesn’t fall into the wax.  Leave it until it sets and then remove it from the mold when it is cooled.

Making your own candles is an excellent way to reduce, reuse and recycle while being completely creative doing it.


Feb 09

Getting the Most out of Your Candles

Handmade Lemon Soy Candle

Handmade Lemon Soy Candle

Have you ever had a candle that just doesn’t last?  Before you can even get any great use out of it, you have spilt wax down the sides, a broken wick and a black stain across it.  There seems to be nothing that can be done to get it lit again and it can be pretty frustrating since it only seems to occur when you purchase the really expensive candles.

Usually, when a candle begins to break down, it’s probably because you aren’t caring for it properly.  I hear the groans from the back but what your mother has always said to you is true, “If you want something to last, then you really need to take care of it.”

But really, how do you care for your candles?  Don’t you just toss them into a drawer and pull them out for those special occasions.  I would love to say sure, since it is the easiest way but unfortunately, easy isn’t always the best way.  Sure you can throw them in a drawer but don’t expect a very nice candle to be pulled from the drawer for one of those special occasions.

To keep your candles looking great and to get the most out of them, there are a few tips that you should follow.

The Candle Snuffer:  Don’t sniff at this little trinket.  It is a candle lover’s best tool and you can buy one that is fairly inexpensive while still looking expensive.  If you aren’t sure what a candle snuffer is, it is a bell shaped tool on a long handle.  The hollow bell fits over the candle and extinguishes the flame.  It’s simple and candle snuffers have been around for a long time.

But why are they so important in getting the most out of your candles? It’s simple; candle snuffers keep the wicks from being damaged.  Blowing on a candle, or worse, extinguishing them with your wet fingers, can damage the wick.  A damaged wick means more difficulty keeping the flame.

Cool Storage:  If you are a person that only brings out candles for special occasions, there are a few ways that you should store them.

First, make sure you store them individually.  Wrap each candle in a sheet of white tissue paper to avoid the colors to bleed into the candle.  If you are storing scented candles, place them into their own plastic sealable bag.  This will keep the scents fresh and will keep them from blending together.

Next, place them in a cool, dark area.  Make sure the space is not damp since this can also damage them.  Candles should always been stored flat to ensure that they do not bend.  Also, if an area is too warm, the candles will begin to melt and will become misshapen.

Keep those Candles Tidy:  When you are trying to get the most out of your candles, it is best to keep them tidy.  Remove excess wax that has dripped down the sides, or if you are using a jar candle, place the jar inside a sink of hot water to melt the wax on the side of the glass.

Keep the wick nice and tidy and always trim down your wicks to ¼ inch in length before each use.  Make sure you cut the wicks when they are cool since a hot wick could stretch and tear.

Also, never burn your candles for longer than 4 hours.  If you are having a full romantic evening, simply replenish the candles every 4 hours.  This will keep your candles looking beautiful and will keep down the amount of soot that accumulates on the candle itself.

Lastly, try to keep the candles out of direct light.  Prolonged time in light will make the colors fade and your beautiful candle will no longer look bright and new.

Just following these tips should ensure hours and even months of enjoyment with your candles.

Feb 09

Mmm…The Delicious World of Richly Scented Candles

Handmade Chocolate Cookie Soy Candle

Handmade Chocolate Cookie Soy Candle

There is no better way to create ambience and a feeling of coziness quite like using a richly scented candle. Long gone are the days when you were limited to scentless stacks of wax. These days, a candle in just about any size, shape or even rich scent you crave is easily found—sometimes even just a click away!

The sense of smell is one of our most powerful and can trigger memories and feelings with the mere waft of a familiar scent. The comforting scent of cinnamon can take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen when you were a small child watching her as she baked a pie, or even remind you of Christmases past and the love you felt; surrounded by family and friends. A rose candle can remind you of a romantic night spent with your lover. The power of smell is undeniable which is why richly scented candles have become as popular as they are. The scents range from fruits and baked goods to those that manage to capture the essence of crisp, clean linen drying in the wind or ocean waves as they sweep across a shore. These days you can even find a candle that smells like your favorite perfume—something for everyone indeed!

Richly scented candles often smell good enough too eat. Have you ever wondered how they get them to smell so great? As much as they may smell as if they have the actual fruit or cake somehow baked right into them; they are actually made using scented oils. You may notice that some have an aroma more powerful than others; this is likely do to the type of wax used as they tend to fuse with the oil and create scents to varying degrees. The type of scent used also plays a role in the intensity as some fragrances are just naturally stronger than others.

The uses for candles go far beyond just enjoying the smell. The sheer look of a flickering flame alone can set a mood and make the largest of spaces seem a little more intimate. They can create a romantic feel during a special evening for two or add sparkle to a dinner table of a dozen-plus people. Combine a luscious scent with that and you have likely the best mood-maker possible!

Other common uses for richly scented candles is to defuse unwanted odors that may turn up in the household, such as strong food related smells from cooking or unpleasant odors found in washrooms or even just rooms that have been closed up for too long. Lighting a candle in a room is often all you need to rid the space of these odors and instead replace them with the wonderful scent of your choice as opposed to simply masking the smell as you would with a spray air freshener—and you know what a ghastly combination that an produce! Candles are actually also a better choice because they do not upset allergies the way some sprays can. They also offer a gradual and pleasant scent, rather than a heavy and intrusive one that dissipates almost as quickly as it is sprayed. With all of these uses, it is no wonder that scented candles sales are higher than ever!

Picking a scented candle can be hard when you consider all of the different scents and styles to choose from. Try to pick those richly scented candles that stir something within you when you smell them. Anyway—who says you have to pick just one! We have all kinds of different moods and it seems that there is a scented candle for just about every one of them, so why not pick several so that you can be transported back in time or far away through scent anytime you want!

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Feb 01

Safety First with Candles

Handmade Vanilla Soy Candle

Handmade Vanilla Soy Candle

As a young child, I remember some of the nicest memories of my childhood being surrounded by candles.  We had candles on cakes, candles when camping, and candles when we were outside enjoying a summer night.  There were candle festivals and candle walks and even a few candlelight services.  Candles were something that cast an enchanted light on any festivity and I was only vaguely aware that candles were dangerous.

Sadly, that thought is something that very few people think about, even as adults.  We use candles for many of the same reasons that we saw them being used for as children and many times we hardly think about the implications of a lit flame.

It is, after all, such a tiny spark, one that can be blown out so easily but that little spark can quickly ignite into a dangerous blaze.

To keep your home and your family safe, it is important to remember a few general rules about candle safety.

Never place a candle where it can catch fire.

Yes, I know that seems like an all encompassing thought but candles should always be placed in the center of a table or mantel place.  They should never be placed in windows since the flame could ignite drapes, or other window dressings including blinds.

Candles should also be kept away from beds and piles of clothing.  A candle can tip easily and it is important to not provide anything that could cause a blaze.

Keep children and pets away from candles.

This is pretty straightforward.  Candles should be up high where a young child can’t reach it or accidentally knock it.  The same goes for pets.  Dogs have been known to clear a coffee table or two with their tails and a candle could easily be knocked into the couch or onto the carpet.

Always extinguish a candle before leaving a room.

You know the saying, “Never leave a candle unattended,” well, learn it, say it and remember it.  A multitude of things can happen to a candle when you are not in the room and it is better to practice safety completely.

On the topic of extinguishing candles, make sure you extinguish them before you go to bed and also make sure that they are completely extinguished.  I have known people who wake up in the morning to find the candle relit and burning happily.

Lastly, if a candle is about an inch from the bottom, extinguish it.  Never leave a candle burning for more than 4 hours for both safety reasons and also to get the most out of your candles.

Follow those directions.

There are many different types of candles on the market today and each one will have slightly different care and burn instructions.  If you are not familiar with a brand of candle, or even if you are, read the instructions and follow them.

Keep the candle in one place.

I have already talked about keeping your candles in a sturdy place but one last point to make about candle safety is to never carry a lit candle around.  The melted wax can easily splash up and cause severe burns.

Keep the candles tidy.

Keeping a candle tidy not only helps keep the candle bright and beautiful but it also keeps the candle much safer.   Wicks should always be trimmed to ¼ inch to keep the flame low and dust, or pet hair should be brushed off the candle before use.

Once you have all the safety tips memorized, it doesn’t take anything to remember them.

Jan 09

Setting the Mood with Wax

candle bedroomOkay, right now you are probably thinking about something other than candles.  Perhaps you are thinking of wax figures filling a room to set the mood but if that is what you have in mind I have to ask, are you setting up a Halloween mood?

All joking aside, candles, which is the wax I am talking about, have been used for years to set a mood.  Whether you are trying to unwind, trying to be romantic or simply trying to scent the air for a party, you are using them to set a mood.

Once upon a time, candles had a pretty basic smell and although the candlelight could do wonders for the mood, the overall effect of a candle was somehow lost if it really started smoking.  Today, candles come in a wide range of shapes, colors and, yes, scents.  With all the selection that we have with candles, it is a surprise that it hasn’t ruined the mood we are searching to create.

When you are setting a mood with candlelight and scents, it is important to look at what you would like the candles to do and also what you want them for.  If they are there to provide a scent, then you need to focus on what smells you would like.  Harsh smells while you are trying to meditate can detract from your focus, earthy smells when you are trying to have a nice home cooked meal may blend negatively with the smell of the food.  There are as many factors to take into account with candles as there are choices in your wardrobe.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but only a little.

The Dinner Party:

Setting the mood for a dinner party can be a difficult task.  If it is a romantic dinner, you will probably want to have some candles in the center of the table.  Of course, I have never been a fan of the centerpiece candle, simply because I hate having to chat, romantically or not, around something.

My recommendation for using candles for dinner parties or romantic meals is to place the candles around the room, either with tall candle holders, on mantels or in wall sconces. Once you have the candles lit, dim the overhead light slightly.  This gives the illusion that each guest is bathed in candlelight and they are not sitting in the dark looking into it.

It can create a very dreamy and romantic atmosphere and if you add a matching sent to the scene you can really set a mood.  Make sure your smells complement each other.  For instance, you won’t want to use an Apple Spice candle if you happen to be eating Chinese.  Maybe a nice Green Tea Candle would suit it better and the Apple Spice can be saved for a roast dinner.

The Romantic Evening:

Romance and candles really are made for each other and there are very few things that I could suggest that could make romantic candles even better.  Again, the only part that I would suggest is having the candles up and out of the way.  Have a glass of champagne on the floor with the candles on a coffee table above you –preferably beside those flowers that you received.

The other suggestion that I would make is to avoid a lot of cloying scents.  Anything that will feel heavy to your stomach should be avoided and I would recommend avoiding any of the heavier floral scents.  Instead go with fragrances that are considered to be sensual, things like chocolate or strawberries.

For Relaxation:

As with romantic evenings, there is very little that I can say about candles for setting the relaxing mood.  Everyone has their own scent that relaxes them, strangely Pina Colada is mine, and each prefers using candles in different ways.

But since I am here, I would recommend playing with threes when you use candles for relaxation.  I have found this to be an excellent method to setting a tranquil mood.  A grouping of three candles in various spots of the room provides you with pools of soft light.  They are excellent at dispersing the scents across the room and they offer you something to focus on.

So whatever your mood is, the best advice I can offer is to play around with the placement and the scents until you find your perfect balance.

Jan 09

Unity Candle Holders

unity candleYou may not realize it but when it comes to a unity candle holder; there really is no right or wrong choice.  It is, after all, about personal preference and what type of message you would like to display with your holder.

However, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you purchase a special unity candle holder for your wedding and I will go over a few of those things.

The Fairy Tale:

Every little girl dreams about her fairy tale wedding and many brides no exactly what they want and don’t want when it comes to the big day right down to the finest detail.  It doesn’t matter if the fairy tale is a quick wedding in Vegas or an elaborate traditional wedding, there are still parts of the fairy tale that need to shine.

Many brides will capture the fairy tale in their unity candles and the holders that they are using and that is an excellent way to tie a theme together.  When you decide on your unity candle holder, think about your theme.  If you love doves and want them incorporated into the unity candle, you can find a beautiful unity candle holder that features a pair of doves holding the three candles.  Want the Cinderella fairy tale, well, there is a beautiful horse and carriage unity candle holder that will be perfect with the horse drawn carriage that is taking your from wedding to reception.  With all the selection, there really is no reason why your unity candle holders can’t tie into the whole event.


Another point to consider when you are looking at your unity candle holder is whether or not you want to use them after the wedding.  You may decide to use them to display your unity candle or you may decide to wrap them up and store them along with your unity candle until your anniversary.  You may also decide to use them for other candles throughout the year.  If you decide the latter, you may want to choose a simple glass holder that will look great with your decor instead of a more elaborate piece.


This may be considered with the whole fairy tale but when you choose your unity candle holder, you want to choose something that reflects the statement you want to give.  If you want something that is easy and non-assuming, you may go with a simple wrought iron piece that reflects your nature and mood.  If you want something that reflects the beauty of you and your partner’s love, you may choose a unity candle holder that is also a work of art.

When you do choose your unity candle holder, you should also take into account the size, shape and color of the holder.  Make sure that it reflects the elements of your wedding beautifully and also make sure that they don’t clash with your wedding decorations.


Jan 01

Cleaning up those Unsightly Candle Stains from your Carpet

Lily of the valley bouquet and burning candleI am sure you have been there, I know I have.  A beautiful evening, either spent reading a book in the bathtub, a dozen candles surrounding me or an evening pursuing all those romantic delights that sometimes evade us.  The only problem with the evening is the end when you notice that when you were focused on something else –the book—the candle had spilled and you are now left with a horrible stain on your furniture or even worse, on your carpet.

Okay, don’t panic, although that is usually the first thing we do.  The little picking at the wax; trying to get it off before it does even more damage only to find that you have created a horrible mess of shredded candle wax.  There is probably no way to get it out.  Thankfully, that is not the case and all candle wax can be cleaned up fairly easily.  All it takes is a little patience, and a little of that stuff we have all heard about, what was it again, oh yeah, elbow grease.

No, I’m not telling you to smear elbow grease on the stubborn candle wax, although wouldn’t that be amazing if you could bottle and sell it.  Instead, what I will ask you to smear on the candle wax depends on where it spilt.

Let’s start with one of the most common place for candle wax to spill, the carpet, and of course, it will be your best carpet.  Candle wax is like red wine, it just needs to splash onto a pristine carpet.

But don’t stress too much, it can be fairly simple to clean the wax from your carpet by following these simple steps.

  1. Try to get to the wax immediately.  The faster you can clean it up, the better the chance of getting every little spot.
  2. Take your hair dryer and heat the wax with it.  It is important to do this gradually, and make sure that you are dabbing up the wax as you go along with a dry cloth or a paper towel (the latter is probably better since the cloth will become stained.)  Don’t rub the wax since this will grind it into the carpet even more.
  3. After you have removed as much wax as you can with your hair dryer, it is time to pull out your iron.
  4. Place down a white cloth or if you prefer, 3 paper towels, layered.
  5. Next, run your iron over the cloth and draw the wax up into it.  You may need to refresh the cloth or, at the very least, move it to a clean spot.
  6. Lastly, take a good carpet stain cleaner and, following instructions, clean the area.

Once you have followed all the steps, your carpet should be as good as new.  This same technique can be used on cloth furniture.

If your candle wax spilled onto a table or a counter, it can be very simple to clean it.  With any type of scratch resistant surface, all you need to do is carefully scrape the wax off and then clean it with a surface cleaner.

Chances are, however; that the wax will drip on a surface that isn’t scratch resistant and it will take a bit more work to clean it off.  Again, to do this, all you will need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Pull out that handy dandy hair dryer again, bet you didn’t think it would have so many uses, and melt the wax with it.
  2. As the wax begins to melt, you should take a paper towel or a clean cloth and dab it up.  Remember that scrubbing can make the mess even worse.
  3. Once you have removed all of the wax, simply clean the surface with a surface cleaner.

And now that you have figured out how to clean up those wax spills, you will never have to worry about burning candles again.