Category: Scented Candles

Feb 09

Mmm…The Delicious World of Richly Scented Candles

There is no better way to create ambience and a feeling of coziness quite like using a richly scented candle. Long gone are the days when you were limited to scentless stacks of wax. These days, a candle in just about any size, shape or even rich scent you crave is easily found—sometimes even just …

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Nov 24

Summer Scented Candles

Summertime is typically a hot season so it would only be appropriate to burn the lighter summer candle scents. Afterall, no one is in the mood for pumpkin pie, heavy berry scents, or Winter aromas when it is close to 100 degrees outside. Many of the popular scented candle companies, such as Yankee or Slatkin …

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