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  2. How to Make Cupcake Candles — October 19, 2015
  3. The Camper’s Delight: Wax Fire Starters — October 3, 2015
  4. Making a Chunk Candle — September 19, 2015
  5. Renew Thyself Daily – With Candles! — September 5, 2015

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Why Beeswax Candles Are Superior

Beeswax candles are certainly one of the most beautiful and superior waxed candles that are being massively produced. There are various reasons on why other similar waxed based candle products are inferior when compared to beeswax. One of the biggest reasons that these candles are far more superior to other wax candle is the fact …

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How to Make Cupcake Candles

With candle making, there are hardly any limits. You can replicate lots of things with your creativity. Here are some delicious ‘Cupcakes’ that look very, very inviting. Complete with chopped crayon bits for nuts and decorations, many people will mistake them for edible, freshly-baked, icing-topped cupcakes coming from your kitchen! Materials Needed: Candle Making Supplies …

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The Camper’s Delight: Wax Fire Starters

I am a big fan of camping, at least until I get out to it.  Usually, my biggest gripe with camping is trying to get a campfire lit to take the chill out of the morning.  Everyone is huddled around a dead campfire, teeth chattering, waiting for something to happen so they can warm up …

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Making a Chunk Candle

Making chunk candles is an and fun activity for all ages. A unique technique using wax chunks of different colors gives the finished candle a beautiful texture and look. Thay make a refreshing alternative to the usual pillar candles. Follow these step-by-instructions and make your own pretty chunk candles to gift or keep. ** It …

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Renew Thyself Daily – With Candles!

One of my favorite quotes is a quote of a quote in transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, a writing he found on the bathtub of King Tchingthang, which Thoreau describes, ” ‘Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.’ I can understand that. Morning brings back the heroic ages.” I …

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How To Make Unity Candles

When it comes to having a unity candle, the sky is really the limit.  You can find ones that are pre-made with a little plastic envelope in the front to insert your invitation or a poem into the space.  You can also have them custom made in the colors of your wedding and featuring a …

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Beautiful Wax Sculptures Made Easy

There is something infinitely beautiful about a well shaped candle.  People will pay top dollar for this works of art and I have often found that many people will avoid using them since they are so exquisite. If you do use the sculpted candle, you are left with a melted mess, trying to figure out …

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Easy to Make Stamped Candles

I love candles whether they are tall, short, scented or plain; there is just something about surrounding myself with lit candles as I either work or simply enjoying a good book.  Candles can be very personal but I have found that the most personal candles are the ones that you make yourself. My personal favourite …

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Butterfly Candle Holders

Butterfly candle holders are easy to make and a great gift idea. The materials are very inexpensive, and you can use your imagination for a variety of designs. To get started, you will need: Materials: Small glass candle holders Butterfly wrapping paper Yellow tissue paper Decoupage Cuticle scissors Small paintbrush Damp paper towel You can …

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How to Make a Tin Can Luminary

Tin can luminaries are a fun, easy craft project for all ages. They are great for any holiday and only limited by your imagination! You can transfer any simple shape onto a tin can to create a beautiful candle holder for any occasion. I chose to make luminaries for Christmas this year. You can choose …

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